Help your people succeed at hybrid & remote working

If you need hybrid & remote teams to excel, take a look at our training

Help your people succeed at hybrid & remote working

If you want your teams to be at their best, they need skills for the new world

Developing team performance for more agile, innovative organisations

Are your people ready for hybrid & remote?

Working in the offices is something we are used to doing. Working from home or another location, we have become used to that too. Just because we are used to it, does not mean we are good at it – not yet, anyway. 

If you want your people to be successful – both efficient and effective – at hybrid and remote working, then they need to new skills and better quality existing skills to get it right. Your organization’s ability to deliver is deeply affected by the skill level of your people. This is one investment you need to get right. 

Our approach to helping our clients’ succeed is based on developing specific skill areas: 


Skills for Everyone

Is everyone fully confident and capable with the online tools and platforms? Yes? That’s great! How about the other technical skills needed for online working? Skills such as:

  • Online presence - as a leader, a manager, a salesperson, a team member, a specialist?
  • Collaboration skills - how to work online collaboratively, so that it is effective, not frustrating.
  • Maintaining focus - movement, relaxation, mindfulness are all critical to a day or online work

Skills for Teams

  • Being part of the team when you are not physically with everyone
  • Using your voice, your presence and staying involved in the team
  • Staying visible for career and team opportunties

Management Skills

Managing a team when some people are in an office and others are working remotely is challenging. How do you make it feel like a real team? How do you include everyone? How do you keep people engaged and productive?

  • Managing disagreements & conflict - this is more challenging in a hybrid team. Get it right for everyone
  • Inclusion - make sure all your team can contribute and be part of the team
  • Manage performance - how you give positive and negative feedback is critical in hybrid teams

How can we help?

We can design people development solutions specific to your needs. We can tailor the workshops we have designed for hybrid and remote, or deliver them as they stand. How quickly do you need the training? What outcomes do you want? Let us know. Meanwhile, take a look at our brochure for ideas. 

If you would like to discuss increasing performance, improving relationships and achieving team alignment, please get in touch. We will be happy to help. 


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