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Team performing at work

Is your team performing?

Check your team performance with this Tuckman model quiz

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Global businesses think local

Think global, act local

Global organizations need local approaches for outstanding team performance

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First class teamwork

Creating First Class Teams

Ingredients for successful teams

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a team of engineers on site

How effective is your team? Run a check

This team checklist is a practical tool for developing effective teams

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Team janosch-diggelmann-i8XiabUW3mw-unsplash

Developing Great Teams

If you want great teams, you need to work at it

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Rowing team working together

For great teams add psychological safety

Top class performance happens when you provide the right conditions for your teams

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annie-spratt-g9KFpAfQ5bc-unsplash (1)

10 practical tips for… Managing people more effectively, while managing remotely

Remote & hybrid working will challenge your management skills. Make it easier for yourself – and your team

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Birds' eye view of a group working together

Rules for Successful Hybrid & Remote Team Working

How do you build a successful hybrid team? Here are some practical rules to build relationships and a great team, wherever they are

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Spotlight on: Catharina

Catharina balances her strong, international business experience with a sense of humour and highly practical approach. Her focus helps individuals and teams to present themselves well and be fully effective at work.

Catharina is Swedish although we will forgive you if you think she is German. Her career in banking, sales and marketing led her to make her home in Luxembourg, although she works regularly with clients across Europe, in German, English, French, Luxembourgish and of course, Swedish. Catharina is both a coach and a trainer with all the international qualifications you would expect. “No one likes theory” she says. “My job is to take the theory and turn it into practical application for managers so they can become more effective managers and leaders immediately.”

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