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A cartoon breaking down the parts of the SLACK system

The importance of SLACK

Some things need a slow approach. Give yourself some time to be SLACK

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A person drowning in the sea

How do you support a team member with mental health issues?

Mental Health issues are responsible for 91 million working days lost in the UK, at a cost of about £30 billion a year. Find out what you can do to help.

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Hands holding a globe with a face mask on it

What has COVID-19 done to leadership?

Your leadership skills will be tested in a virtual world. Find out what you need to change, to be a good virtual leader.

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Moving Online with Max Planck Society

When learning becomes virtual, it needs to be designed in new ways.

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Inclusive leadership

Creating a diverse and inclusive leadership culture is good for business. Making it happen needs a range of approaches. Here is one to try.

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A man stretching before a long run

Moving through the zone of discomfort: Practical tools for you and your team.

You’re busy, aren’t you? You’re up to your eyeballs attending or chairing virtual meetings, answering emails, returning phone calls. You’re scrambling to get that project …

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A rocket launching

Virtual Business Challenge

When teams go to work on real operational challenges, business is transformed.

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fantasy-4317735_1920 (2)

The curse of our mutant meetings.

We expect to sit through non-productive meetings and often feel powerless to change them. It doesn’t have to be like that. Check the cost of this wasted time and turn it into productive spend, today.

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Spotlight on: Catharina

Catharina balances her strong, international business experience with a sense of humour and highly practical approach. Her focus helps individuals and teams to present themselves well and be fully effective at work.

Catharina is Swedish although we will forgive you if you think she is German. Her career in banking, sales and marketing led her to make her home in Luxembourg, although she works regularly with clients across Europe, in German, English, French, Luxembourgish and of course, Swedish. Catharina is both a coach and a trainer with all the international qualifications you would expect. “No one likes theory” she says. “My job is to take the theory and turn it into practical application for managers so they can become more effective managers and leaders immediately.”

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