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Jo Reese

Jo has worked in learning & development her whole career. She has a Master’s in Human Resource Management & Development, is HR qualified and understands the L&D space from the inside out. “I’ve been the buyer and the supplier, managed the budgets and training projects. I understand how important it is to get the right training in place so you can have the organizational impact you need to create.”

Jo also gets excited about evaluation. “Evaluation is something most L&D professionals dread doing. It sounds so complicated and too much effort. The thing is, if you want to prove that L&D is doing a great job, evaluation is the way to evidence it. It honestly doesn’t have to be difficult.” One of Jo’s roles at CLS is to support the program managers to gather the evidence needed for evaluation. An evaluation report helps both managers and client L&D teams to have good conversations about the impact, outcomes and OD of learning.

She understands the complexities L&D teams have to navigate, particularly in a volatile and sometimes uncertain business environment. “When you help people be agile, cope well with change and understand how to be part of a team – no matter who is in it or how short the shelf life of the team – then the whole business thrives. People are the powerhouse of every organization. When they are engaged, motivated and skilled, you create the success and opportunity the business needs. You can’t use training to claim credit for everything, but great training and development is a powerful way to help organizations, teams and individuals, be the best they can be.”

Jo is based in the UK, and says there is just not enough time to read all the books and cook all the recipes that she gets excited about.

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