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Our programmes change people, culture, organisations. Here are some themes our clients ask us to design & deliver.

Every programme is written to a specific client brief. When we work for you, you get unique design for your unique needs.

What makes your hybrid teams effective?

Join us for a live taster session on 7th October. Two of our global managment experts will deliver a 1 hour taster session on some of the key factors for successful hybrid working. Register your interest here. 

Tips for Managing a Hybrid & Remote team

This article is full of practical ideas for helping you manage and lead a remote or hybrid team. Written by one of our management experts, you can read it online or download it here. 

Explore Hybrid & Remote working with our E-book

If you need to think through the challenges and opportunities of your new reality, this ebook is just for you. It will be available on October 5th and you can download it here. 

Create success in your hybrid & remote world

Skills for Hybrid & Remote working

Hybrid and remote does not come naturally to any of us. Our workshops will enable your individuals and teams to work together successfully, in this emerging reality. 

For high performance working, try our in-depth teams approach.

Explore and download our brochure here

Only have a few minutes? Watch a video with us

Jacqueline Williams, one of our global experts, gives 3 practical ideas for managers of hybrid and remote teams in this 5 minute video. For a one page summary of her suggestions, click here

This TED talk by Patty McCord on 4 lessons the pandemic taught us is a timely reminder of some important issues for hybrid & remote working. 

Developing Leaders

Skills for agile effective leadership

Interviewing skills

Upgrade your skills so you hire the right people. 

Unconscious bias

For when you want everyone to work at their best. 

Inter- cultural competences

Understand yourself and others, across cultures. 

Personal effectiveness & resilience

Turning difficulties into opportunities. 

Whatever your needs talk to us.

Leadership team-building & retreats

Intensive, interactive development for leadership teams.

Team Coaching

Coaching teams for performance.

Stress and resilience with mindfulness

Help your people to be their best selves at work.

Executive coaching

Tailored coaching programmes for executive teams.

Prepare for the Unknown

Interactive learning for better working relationships.

Influencing and negotiation skills

Practical workshop to take your skills to the next level.

Assertiveness at work

What is it? When to use it? How to make it work for you.

Fundamentals of modern project management

Essential practical skills & tools for everyone who is involved in projects.

Talent management

Tools and strategies for attracting and retaining the people you need.

We start by listening.

Cross-cultural communication

Effective communication for a global environment.

Customer Focus

Creating a mindset and behaviours for real customer impact.

Effective Decision-Making

Develop your skills for making good decisions & getting buy-in.

Respectful Workplace

What does it mean? How do you make it real for everyone?

Coaching skills

How and when to coach, improve your skills and confidence.

COntact Us

Speak to our expert team to discuss your learning requirements.

Spotlight on: Nadja

Nadja believes that everyone should love their job and do it well. Her approach to training is practical and encouraging. Nadja coaches, trains, facilitates and supports people to become their best.

Nadja moved into training to help people just like her, be more confident and capable in the skills we use every day. Whether it is presentation skills or project management, time management or communication skills for managers, Nadja focuses on building confidence through practice and helping people to find their own style. Nadja works mainly in three languages. She is native Bulgarian, fluent in German and English too and also speaks Spanish and Russian. Her style is supportive. “When you have the skills which put you in control, you are calm, balanced and lose the negative feelings which hold you back.”

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