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Nicole is a trained psychologist and chose to use her education in a corporate setting. Working as a trainer, facilitator and coach in many different kinds of business settings over the past 20 years means that Nicole is relaxed around the most senior leaders in a company.

“I am interested in how people learn and develop and how leaders can support this existing motivation. There is no one “right” way of being a leader. You will develop your own style and understand how to adapt in different situations, systems and characters. Great leaders are guides. They inspire people, not by telling them what to do, but by empowering and enabling them to achieve goals their way. Thus, everyone takes more responsibility, and the company is more successful, more capable.”

Great leaders also benefit from a sound set of social competencies. Nicole’s international leadership programs incorporate a well-orchestrated combination of communication and feedback skills, change and conflict management, agile toolkits, and coaching as a leader.

“The world is changing and we need team performance to be agile and first class. If, for example, you have an agile business approach and an according cultural mindset, Scrum can a good methodology for teams to excel in a complex environment.”

As a facilitator Nicole supports business teams in their organisational and team development. On an individual level, Nicole is coaching  her clients to reach their designated top-priority goals. “In coaching supreme attention and trust are essential. When we embrace seemingly unsolvable challenges with lightness and depth, joy and seriousness, then the magic of solution is on the way.”

Nicole is a native German speaker who also works in English, face to face and virtually.

When Nicole isn’t working – “I love my work!”- she is often outdoors. A self-confessed sports addict, she skis, hikes and explores, ideally together with her family. Nicole is truly curious about people and her environment, which makes her an ideal guide on your leadership and management journey.

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