Sylvia is a coach and facilitator who cares deeply for the people she works with. “Sylvia is just the nicest person and she will help you solve your problems all the way through training. I’ve seen people wait to talk with her after a workshop and she is really invested in helping others.” Sylvia focuses on working with people to identify their strengths and use them to become more effective at work.

As an executive coach, she knows that development is not about solving your problems for you; it’s about enabling you to develop the skills you need to solve them yourself.

Sylvia also specialises in designing and delivering Respectful Workplace programmes, to help organisations find ways to create and sustain an environment which helps their people to be their best at work.

When people feel safe and valued, the individual, the team and the business all benefit.

Sylvia is a native German speaker, fluent in English. She divides her time between Austria and the UK.

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