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Thomas’ background in business gives him first-hand knowledge of the importance of company culture. With sales, marketing and senior management experience, he knows the importance of building trust. “All too often I have seen how lack of trust in the workplace leads to dysfunctional teams. Team alignment and team building all the way up to team cohesion is one of my passions.” 

Thomas evolved from trainer to coach / consultant and key note speaker.  “My preferred way of working with a group is facilitation versus training. I support the group to find their flow and encourage them to learn, from each other and myself.” Coaching style is also important. “Not everyone responds well to pure pull-coaching, sometimes mentoring / consulting is needed. Always it’s about supporting the person or group in front of you in their learning.”

 Having worked across Europe, the UK, US, Middle East and Asia, Thomas gathered lots of experience in cross cultural awareness. ‘Working Across Borders’ and ‘Leading Virtual Teams’ are two if his core competencies. “We live in a ‘Global Village’ and it’s time for managers to develop the necessary skillset to lead in the ‘Global Village’.” 

Thomas acts wherever he’s needed via ZOOM: “Online-Consulting and Coaching is a growing part of my support role. With clients I focus on strategies for ‘More Profit with Less Stress by Simplifying Growth’.”  He joined CLS in 2017 “I admire CLS for its large global network of professionals. We work closely together, are flexible and quick to respond. A vast think-tank when it comes to designing tailored solutions that client organisations need.”

Thomas is a native German speaker, fluent in English, is a painter and plays the violin. 

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