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Outstanding learning and development for your individuals, teams and leaders

Developing leaders and managers


You understand your business. We know how learning works. Together we create unique development for people and business.

Highly interactive learning

We design and deliver learning and development for global businesses and organisations. We’ve been doing it for over 10 years.

We are good at it because we use the principles of andragogy to make sure our training works.

All our learning is highly interactive.

We draw on the knowledge and skills of your business and the people who work for you.

That's why it works...

"Very useful and practical."

"Wonderful program, topics, practices."

"Great course for future leaders!

What is andragogy and why is it important to the learning we deliver for you?

This short video explains why andragogy is at the heart of our design.

With thanks to Rebecca J. Hogue for allowing us to use her video.

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Evolving Learning

Our design is continuous. We review our design and delivery every day and make changes each day, in the moment, whenever it’s right to do so.

We have delivered over 150 leadership and management programmes for the same global client.


Because our training changes to meet the changing needs of their business and their people. You know how your business works. We know how learning works. We work with you, to get the learning right for your business needs.

1. We start by listening to you

We listen to you, ask questions. Work with you to uncover your needs. We want to understand where you are now and where you want to be.

2. We design your reality

We design learning events which are focused on your reality. We create events and programmes which we review during and immediately after delivery, adjusting everything to meet the reality and needs of your business and your people.

3. We focus on behaviours and talents

You want people to work differently. We focus on those behaviours and the huge talents your people bring with them. We help them use their current abilities to change and grow.

4. Creative, applied learning

Your people will be working, talking, thinking, applying and challenging each other every step of the way. This is the most engaged, creative and practical training you can have.

5. Evaluate for ROI

We evaluate learning immediately and continuously. We work with you to define the outcomes you want to see.

When you need learning which helps your business flow, we are here for you.

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When you need practical, real world training which works.

Our training has been changing the realities of individuals, teams and organisations for years. It works because we design and deliver for the outcomes you need.

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