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"We started CLS in 2007 because a client needed real behavior change. The organization we worked for couldn't offer that. We realized how many organizations need to change the way their people behave. The training other companies offered too often brought little meaningful change, leaving clients frustrated. Everything we do is based on tried and tested theory. We only take what works and we make sure it is practical. So why choose to work with us? Three reasons. One, we listen very carefully to each of our clients and genuinely customize the training to fit your needs. Two, we have a successful sustained global track record with leading and demanding multi-national organizations. Three, our prices are invariably competitive, without ever compromising quality, service or flexibility."

Mark Latham, CEO of CLS
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Do you need more than you're currently getting?

  • Fully customized training is what we do as standard.
  • Content adapted for every group? We make changes in the session so it is right for that group, at that moment.
  • Real, immediate behavior change happens because our learning is practical and experiential.
  • When you are working with a budget, it helps to know we are affordable.
  • Want to see results before you commit? We design and pilot the training to assess impact first.
  • We make it as easy as possible for you, with one single point of contact who takes care of everything.

Your Support Team


Georgia Shaw

Georgia’s international business experience make her a great client relationship and sales director. She builds long term partnering relationships with her clients, so they get what they need.

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Sabine Sage

Sabine Sage

Global clients with complex programmes need a partnership approach to give peace of mind. Sabine supports the CLS delivery team, leaving the client free to focus on organisational development.

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Tristan started in the automotive industry, helping engineers to master the human side of engineering. His calm, thoughtful manner is key to helping organizations find the right solutions for changing and developing their people.

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Amer Jabry

Amer is CLS’ deputy MD and an expert facilitator, designing and delivering transformational events for clients worldwide. His energy levels and intuitive way of working, make him a great partner to our largest clients.

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Sarah Shaw

Sarah is Canadian, based in Austria, with an international marketing and business background. She has a clear understanding of business drivers and how the global environment impacts on the more local one.

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Spotlight on: Sabine

Sabine Schlotterbek
After a successful career in financial services and sales, Sabine discovered that HR is her passion. As an international HR specialist, she now focuses on developing managers and leaders in global companies. 

Sabine is a native German speaker and has a calm, clear headed approach. She believes that training leaders and managers is key to organisational success. “These are the people who create the conditions for team work. When the environment is right for the team, great performance happens.” Sabine also works with HR teams to help them find new ways to support their organisation. “HR is central to shaping the way people work. It’s is partly about processes and also about attitude. HR can help to drive business transformation. It’s important to get that right when you’re working in a changing, global environment.”

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